Friday, February 24, 2017

I'm Back

The Blogger's back after a hiatus so long I can't even remember the last time I actually type something that was either a comment, a poem or a storyline. Many might say I typed comments that read like blogs, because I had so much to say. And they maybe right. Hey. I went from celebrating 300 blogs in a 3 year period ranging from random rants (Is It Just Me), to celebrating music (I still do in certain groups), sharing Black History facts (I still do with Chronicles Unspoken page and group) and displaying my creative muscles through art (Phellahgraphics) and rhymes (FB Notes).

 On the real, I didn't think I would miss writing as much, because before blogging, I strictly wrote bars, hooks & complete songs to the instrumentals in my head. Plus I didn't think much of my writing, although some of the most respected writers, bloggers & poets were very encouragement & showed me love. Unfortunately, you can only be slept on so long til you doubt your own worth & go back to the thing that started you in the blog community in the first place: Bars, knowledge & Art. Saving potential blogging content for others & bless them with my own 2 cents on a respectful level, though I occasionally play the troll.. (only in a playful way to those I truly love & respect.)

 But with all that I've done, it's only made me more scatterbrained & less focus to a point, I've almost deleted my account on 2 separate occasions. And now with Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot, Google Plus.. it's becoming too much & I'm trying to do too much. And for what? A "Like"? Or some more random person wanting to talk business then bounce once I mention a deposit?

 I've made the Chronicles Unspoken page such a daily obligation that I can't leave my house or decide to stay offline without reminding myself, "man, you gotta post the facts for today." All of this to try to share as much information as much as possible to give the youth something I never received at a young age. But I'm thinking 2017 will be my last year posting daily facts on my regular timeline and other groups that cater to Black History & News. Thankfully I can still schedule dates 6 months in advance. So they'll still be posted on the page. But I can't continue to do this all on my own & I'm not going to. I can only do so much. But moving forward.

 Things were much more simple when MySpace was the be all end all, but unfortunately those days are done. Have to get you in where you fit in. So instead of trying to put things & their very own basket, I want to welcome "Phellah" back. And hopefully this won't be a wasted page... (although I've had this account for about 8 or 9 years but never used it.)


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