Saturday, February 25, 2017

Believing When You're Not Seeing It. (Keep It Moving)

Some say it's a waste to continue working out if you're not seeing physical results. I have to disagree. As someone who's lost massive weight at one point, gained it back (luckily never exceeded my previous), plateaued & sea sawed my weight, I went through a phase that I felt working out was a waste, b/c I couldn't get my eating habits in check & felt I wasn't doing enough (due to reoccurring injuries which comes with age, improper workout procedures or wear & tear (twisted ankles, sore neck or lower back problems, pinched nerves, pulled hamstring, etc.)

Even though I was seeing the results, I definitely felt a difference when I stopped for about a month. There was a point I started having chest pains in the middle of the night & waking up to sharp pains, which triggered in stress & paranoia of heart problems.

We may not see the results outside, but you'll never know how helpful it could be internally. I'm not gonna criticize ones regimen, b/c it is common sense that in order for external change, you have to stay committed & work hard to achieve that goal. You have to step up your game, once you hit a certain plateau. But the LAST thing you want to do is stop, give up & give in to what your mirror's projecting.

I've slipped up big time when it comes to eating right (thinking of Krispy Kreme now, but I'm cool. lol). But though it might've restored the fat lost from running 3 miles or doing up hill sprints, those exercises might be the difference between having a stomach ache or having a heart attack. So regardless of personal goals or workout regime, don't give up on trying to improve yourself. #KeepItMoving

*No shots at anyone, just motivation for those actually trying.

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