Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Water The Odds?

Early this morning, I left my house to play handball in the park with an empty water bottle. I decide since I'm there, I'll fill up from the water fountain in the newly remodeled sitting area next to the tennis courts. As I'm taking a couple sips as I sit it down, I see the coloration of the water looks a little pissy yellow. So I'm worrying is THIS water coming out the filter of the fountain dirty or is it reflecting the colors surrounding it, because as I raise it up again, it looks very clear & clean.
Oh well.
I take it with me to play a full hour game of handball in the tennis court, taking a few sips (after 30 minutes into the game) b/c I'm still apprehensive, but at the same time thirsty. Overall, I didn't drink much of it, b/c I'm leaving for the gym afterwards where I know what I'm getting water-wise.
I get there ready to run on the treadmill & forget to change the water, until I get on the machine.  I sit my I-pod bumping CJ Fly (of Pro Era) on one side & my water bottle on the other. Once again, I notice the color is yellowish again. I'd already started running, so I just let it sit there until I was done. Afterwards, I'm drenched in sweat & thirsty as hell. But I refuse to drink this bottle, no matter how clear it's appearing when I lift it from the surface towards me.
I went to one of the fountains in the gym that I always frequent (it has the coldest, most refreshing taste), shake & poured out the previous liquid, rinsed it out & replaced with the water from that fountain. Rather than go to the next exercise, I decided to test & see if my eyes were playing tricks on me & took the water bottle BACK to where I had it sitting on the treadmill. In the words of Morgan from Walking Dead, "CLEAR."
The lesson learned, I'm never getting water from that park again. But at the same time, it makes me reflect and imagining what the ppl in Flint, MI have been going through for the past few years. It's not like they have the option to go to another fountain. Prayers still going to them.